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36 inch bathroom vanity with drawers on left


Maintenance skills to edit

1, light: when handling the bathroom ark, should put light carry light, don't drag pull;Place, want to put it flat, if uneven ground, the floor MATS, in case of damage ark eye structure.

2, prevent bask in: bathroom cabinet do not in the sun insolates, also can't put in dry place, too much in case of timber desiccation deformation.

3, cleaning: clean the bathroom ark diluted with soft cloth can be used for general cleaning wet again after the wood grain graze, dirty place.

4, water stains mark: if the bathroom ark accidentally have stain marks, use wet cloth cover in print, and then use iron head carefully several times on the wet cloth, print can disappear.

5, scratch: bathroom cabinet paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, tank can be used with the same color crayon or paint, wound surface spray coating of the ark, the impression of a covering exposed, and then use thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can.

6, often with a soft cloth along the wood texture, dust for the bathroom ark: before going to dust, should be on the soft cloth dipped into cleaner, do not use dry cloth to wipe, lest abrasion, the bathroom ark when used in dry environment, using artificial humidifying measures, such as: touch water to wipe with a soft cloth bathroom cabinet on a regular basis.


7, the bathroom ark of vitreous mesa maintain: when use, do not be hard tool score, with lubricious mesa clean with neutral detergent.

8, the bathroom ark of wooden table maintenance: when use, do not use hard objects touch and curve, cleaner to wipe with a soft cloth and some furniture.

9, lens maintenance: bathroom ark lenses appear stain marks, with a soft cloth and neutral detergent to clean.

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