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How to select a bathroom vanity?


1. Room Decorating Style

Bathroom cabinet must correspond with the overall design of the bathroom; no matter from the material color to shape size should be consistent with other facilities.


2. Vanity Style

Vanities come in three styles – freestanding, built-in and wall mount. Freestanding vanities come in many different styles, and fit for both small and big bathroom. Built-in vanities usually used for larger bathrooms and have abundance of storage space. Wall mount vanities save floor space and are ideal for smaller bathroom.


3. Cabinet Material

The bathroom is a place that is humid, wet and busy. So, in the selection of bathroom cabinets, waterproof function is the first factor. Solid wood, plywood, hard PVC are frequently used in the bathroom vanity.


Solid Wood: Solid wood vanity cabinets are well sealed and lacquered, so it is a good choice for your bathroom. But the disadvantage is if the environment is very dry, the cabinet might crack easily.


Ceramics: Easy to maintain and clean. But the ceramic is fragile, if there is a heavy impact, it is easy to damage.


PVC: PVC vanity has excellent waterproof performance, and the painting is glossy. The disadvantage is that it will deform after heavy weight forced. So it can only hold sinks with less weight and volume.


Acrylic: excellent waterproof performance, but it is very brittle and prone to scratches and cracks.


Density board: Its waterproof function would be quite different if the waterproof process is treated in different sequence.


4. Countertop Material

Bathroom countertop is the most exposed and most abrasive place. So it would be better to choose a vanity top with hard texture, and not easy to damage. Granite, marble, quartz are widely used as bathroom tops.


5. Hardware 

Hardware are small accessories to the bathroom vanity, but they will affect affect the quality of the whole bathroom cabinet. For your comfort, we suggest brand hardware accessories like Blum, DTC. Quality is guaranteed. Please check if the drawer sliding is smooth, and the opening degree of the door hinge.

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