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April Bathroom Market Alive Market Demand Surge

Brand awareness compared to the previous month of April is rising by leaps, which first of all is the consumer enthusiasm is ignited. Staged with between 51 and this period of time is very delicate, bowing to pressure from market conditions this year, manufacturers do not want sales of consumer rights day orgasm faded in the short term, and offers basic continuity during the staged, this unprecedented promotion feast laid a hint is 51. Increasingly savvy consumers are familiar with businessmen every day will discount the fine traditions, so waiting 51 price bottom at the same time, begin to identify their products in advance, targeted, more effective. Thus, April brand attention, ushered in more than 400% growth.

Secondly, businesses a variety of marketing tools to promote market remained hot. Due to the continued price war, sanitary product profit margins have little price weapon effects are reduced. Then, the "motion" and "Champions League" the new marketing concept businesses developed. Remove traditional price concessions in the future, manufacturers will go all out to innovative marketing tools, to maintain the market heat, pulling a potential consumer demand.

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