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Bathroom Vanity Material

Bathroom vanity cabinets can be made by different kinds of materials, some common used materials are as following.



The most commonly used for some cheap computer tables and furniture and kitchen utensils, low cost, processed by woodworking waste, high water absorption, it can be identified from the hole with the interface and the edge of the plate. 


Commonly used in some low-cost or high-priced wooden furniture. As the block boards are stitched by solid wood, and there are different kinds of solid wood, that the prices of would be different. The compressive capacity of the block boards is different if they are stitched by different wood and different production process. If poor painting, the vanity cabinet will crack easily after exposure and moisture.



Commonly used in some ordinary computer desk and office furniture, home furnishings. It has high water absorption, easy to expand and crack, and can’t be used in a moist bathroom.


Moisture-proof board

Although the board has a certain moisture-proof performance, the plate inside has a lot of moisture-proof glue, formaldehyde content seriously exceeded, it is not an eco-friendly building material.


Oak Wood

Oak has a unique wood vein, heartwood decay, high density, hard texture, is a hardwood class. Oak wood is widely used in the production of beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, flooring, outdoor wood bridge. It is the best material to make bathroom cabinets. Oak wood are mainly from the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.


Stainless Steel Plate

Bathroom vanity cabinets that made by stainless steel plates are unique in design, environmental protection, moistureproof, mildew, rustproof, waterproof, no harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and stainless steel can be recycled. The Common plate has 202 #, 304 #, 201 # and other specifications. But the 200 series of stainless steel plates will rust easily after using some time.



"Redwood" is a rare hardwood, collectively, refers to the provisions of the national standard mahogany wood species, such as: rosewood, chicken wings, rosewood, sour wood, all foreign imports.


1. The color is darker, reflecting the antique style;

2. The wood is heavier, giving the feeling of good quality;

3. The general wood itself exudes fragrance, especially sandalwood;

4. The wood is hard, high strength, wear, pest control moth, good durability.

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