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Choose Comfortable And Tasteful Bathroom Raiders

European School of design of sanitary ware with Grohe, Roca, Fortune Brands as the representative. Products of the European schools, production is not very large, but due to the influence of European traditional humanism, more exquisite products of artistic and personal pursuits. Product design lines are very smooth, supple, shape are often unique, in basin modeling, for example, not only is similar to petals, drops of water and Bowl-shaped, art designs, also sought to make the pots line of soft, smooth edge, sense of integration with the table very well. In toilet design tank smaller than wide, so people sat in relative comfort, fully embodies the humane design side.

When you select a ware of the European schools, because of their strong sense of design, on-site installation and use requirements are higher, consumers at the time of purchase to the best manufacturers design or sales staff about your situation and ask them a reasonable construction and installation programme, this will save a lot of trouble. Also, because of its sophisticated production processes and the materials used, production is not very large, prices are generally higher, also need to consider your budget when buying.

School of American and Japanese design of sanitary ware Moen, American standard, Kohler, TOTO, as the representatives. Characterized by modeling simple, not much attention to exterior design, product design tend to be single, less change, but it is suitable for mass production, high output, so the price relatively modest, large-scale public projects using many of these brands. In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life, individual requirements on sanitary products increasing, these brands of sanitary ware art, user-friendly design is up.

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