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Green Wardrobe You Choose Need To Pay Attention To The Following Points

1, see the Wardrobe the plate materials used currently, sheet for production of a whole wardrobe, mainly wood particle boards (particle board) or MDF (medium density) in two ways. High quality solid wood particle board and MDF, formaldehyde is relatively small, sheet strong, thick, endurance, and strong pressure. When wood particle board production, use less glue, so relatively speaking, MDF than environmental protection.

2, see using the environmental protection level of the plate when we were in the closet, you often hear "E0/E1". Formaldehyde E1 ≤ 1.5mg/L,E0 ≤ 0.5mg/L. E1 sheet as long as just beginning to pay attention to ventilation, we have little effect. E0-grade is the most healthy plate, because the formaldehyde emissions low. E0 plates, has passed the most rigorous level of environmental testing, is named one of the world's most environmental health board. Because it's the same environmental standards as fresh wood, low formaldehyde emissions even more than Apple, so called "as safe as the fruit plates."

3, see wardrobes with sheets of veneer

Mention of melamine, I believe that many people think has gone the sanlu milk powder. But inside the plate, Melamine surface is very common, because of its environmental protection, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant. Decoration how to save money? here, melamine faced no harm. Because melamine Panel is a Panel after paper impregnated melamine glue, the curing of high temperature and pressure, cured free of harmful volatile components.

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