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How To Identify Bathroom Showers The Most Practical

From the shower water way to distinguish

Usually shower water way has:

General: the shower the shower flow needed, through multiple water holes, many out of the water, effluent from different angles to create a large area of rain-like effects, enjoying shower blow out. Ideal for quick-and-easy shower.

-Massages: by making the cavity in a small amount of water in the shower runner together and sprayed out at a certain interval, forming massage flow. Massage spray powerful, intermittently pouring, can stimulate the acupuncture points of the body; the strong pulse flow combines massage and refreshing effect.

Soft type: water is mixed in water and air-water mixture of meat and drops, the water is particularly suitable for washing hair. Single-flow when the water flows from the outlet pipe of the same water concentrated yet soft, can play a role to build up good body immunity.

Turbine: flow into a water, makes the skin light slightly itchy feeling, this bath can be a great way to stimulate, sober-minded;

An intense beam: current is a strong, through collisions between currents produce fog effects, increased bathing fun.

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