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Maintenance Book: Leading Gentle


Switching mixer do not push too hard, gently turned to homeopathic. Even traditional faucet, also do not need to spend a great deal of effort and turn to die, especially not as a handrail to handle support or use.


1, the ideal cleaning technique is to use rinse the faucet, and then dry them with a soft cotton cloth to wipe faucet metal surfaces of all the water because after evaporation of moisture on the metal surface to form scale. Gently, not vigorously rubbing. Wipe dry with a wet sponge and soft skin, can make the leading light and bright.

2, best to use a gentle liquid glass cleaner, or does not contain acids, wear-free soft liquid powder as well as completely dissolved, friction-free solution of Polish can be removed on the leading heavy black mask and deposits, do not use any abrasive cleaner or cloth or paper cloth, as well as any acid-containing cleaning agents or abrasive cleaning agents and polishing friction agent.

3, after a period of use, such as finding water decreases, even the phenomenon of water heater flame, is at the head of the screen gently unscrew the outlet cover, remove impurities, generally will be able to recover.

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