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Our Market Advantage Health Enterprises Compete Zhenjianduimaimang

Technological breakthroughs to enhance the status of the industry

Bathroom is a core technology of the industry, in the toilet. China sanitary ware industry failed to break the core technologies, to lead the industry trend, able to say. Technology is one of the reasons of restricting Chinese brand development and sanitary industry's core technology, mainly toilet flushing technology, followed by anti-fouling problems in glaze. Ceramic sanitary ware industry sources, foreign brands have core technology, so being able to have control over the market's voice. United States American standard in 1984 to enter the Chinese market, was leading.

2000-2003 years or so, the situation began to change, entered the market in 1995, Koller came from behind to master industry voice. Since 2003, has been a Japan TOTO's world, foreign brand, its market share and sales. Unless we break the toilet flushing system's core technology, or foreign brands in the industry's leading ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China are difficult to spread. From products to the technical output, this is the law of development of building ceramic sanitary ware industry. TOTO, Kohler and other foreign brands to China's development brings is technical, financial, and business models.

Branding process will speed up

Experience the 2009 market of sanitary ware industry, has entered the era of brands. 2007-2009, the bathroom market can say that profound changes have taken place in China. With eyes full of personalization products, brands operating, promising China market. Build industry branding opportunities are fleeting.

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