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According Bathroom Style To Choose Wash Basins


According Bathroom Style To Choose Wash Basins

    The basin is divided into two types: countertop and undercounter. This is not the difference between the basin itself, but the difference in the installation. Washbowl protruding table called the countertop, basin completely depressed in the table below the table called undermount sinks. The installation of the basin is relatively simple, just according to the installation drawings in the table position on the hole, and then placed in the hole in the hole, with glass glue to fill the gap can be used, the use of the table when the water will not slip along the gap, so Used in the family more. But also because countertop can make more changes in the shape of the style of choice in the larger, and the decoration effect is ideal. After the installation of undermount sinks after the overall appearance of more clean and easy to care, so use more in public places. But the junction of the basin and the table is easier to filth.

Undermount Sinks on the installation process requires a higher first of all by the size of Undermount Sinks to build the basin installation bracket, and then undercounter installed in a predetermined location, fixed a good bracket and then open a good hole in the table The next basin is fixed on the wall - the general use of angle iron to support the table and then fixed with the wall; Secondly, because the platform Undermount Sinks staggered, disassembly complex, if the table length is small, the installation is difficult to ensure the installation quality , Moreover, Undermount Sinks style is relatively simple, the only play can be the color of the table shape, so generally used in the family very little.

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