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Bathroom Knowledge,You Have to Know


Bathroom Knowledge,You Have to Know

Since it is the production and sales of solid wood bathroom vanities this piece, we must know a few knowledge points.

Must know the bathroom knowledge

   One: before the purchase did not consider the installation, buy after the discovery is neither beautiful, the use is not convenient.

According to reports, in recent years, consumers are more and more willing to spend money on the bathroom decoration, and in addition to construction, follow-up investment is also very large, usually only to buy sanitary ware costs will probably account for the decoration of the total 1 / 8 or so. As a result of a variety of sanitary products tricks, the price from a few hundred dollars to more than ten million difference between the huge consumer in the home improvement market to buy, often pick the eye, buy home and found that their bathroom is not in harmony The For example, in the market thousands of picks of the wash basin is very beautiful, but buy home only to find its head too much, occupied the toilet part of the space, making the paper towels and trash can not "all the", the result is Every time "convenient" is not very convenient.

    Experts advise: consumers in the design stage to consider the best in the end to buy what kind of product, in the construction of the product can be purchased in accordance with the specific installation requirements and technical parameters reserved space, transformation of pipelines, to create installation conditions to ensure decoration The process can be successfully completed, sanitary products can be installed normally.


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   Two: before the start to consider the week, while the side of the construction side of the modified, water circuit transformation can be found, for the follow-up construction left hidden dangers.

Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will draw the decoration design for the owners, including the overall effect map, detailed construction plans and water circuit transformation plans. But because some of the owners in advance with the designer communication is not sufficient, consider not thoughtful, with the construction of the original design of the proposed amendments, so that the side of the construction side of the modification, water and other reconstruction projects have found no plans to find , For the follow-up construction left hidden dangers.

    Bathroom knowledge is necessary to know, because after the purchase of maintenance with.

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