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bathroom vanities with storage ideas


How to moistureproof


First, we choose the time of bathroom ark can not only see the shape and appearance of the product, the bathroom ark inside and also want to note on the back.Bathroom cabinet surface is coated with a special waterproof coating, if the splash water is very easy to wipe.But the back of the bathroom cabinet and internal splashing water, is not easy to erase, also may be corrosive materials.A lot of bathroom ark manufacturer will do some waterproof treatment on the back of bathroom ark, with such protection is better.

Second, we should keep the air circulation between wei yu.No matter what kind of material is the bathroom ark, made for a long time at damp environment will be eroded.Even if the brand of bathroom ark is good, good quality, so we should pay more attention to clean sanitation at ordinary times.Want to prolong the service life of bathroom ark, to keep the air circulation between wei yu and the dry ground.

Third, the bathroom ark of size and shape.Buy bathroom ark should combine our own wei yu the space size, decorate a style, and then determine to buy.Reasonable reserved space, not only bring convenience for our daily bath, but also for the other items in the space that defend bath also benefit.

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