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Bathroom vanity cabinet maintain


1, it is recommended that you put heavy objects in the bottom lowest drawer. Active laminates can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the laminates care on the location. Cabinets are suitable for light items such as shampoos, dry towels and paper towels.

2, The wall must  be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the cabinet

3, bathroom cabinet before use to keep 15 days to 20 days to open the door vacant, proper ventilation to eliminate the residual odor.

4, the cabinet a rod and eccentric piece structure, do not modify and disassemble.

5, do not use sharp objects scraping, collision cabinet surface;

6, do not pry the surface of metal decorative materials, do not use steel wire and other sharp materials to clean the surface of metal objects; do not use corrosive liquid cleaning metal surface.

7, should avoid the bathroom cabinet long-term direct sunlight, in order to avoid the local color difference.

8, the smooth placement of items, heavier items should be placed in the bathroom cabinet bottom cabinet bottom; hanging cabinet is not easy to place heavy items, so as not to cause the top and bottom of the stress and deformation, while ensuring the safety of the process of taking and holding items.

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