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Cabinet counters, Bathroom sink openings attention!


Artificial stone sink in the opening hole processing


1. Confirm the sink and its digging hole size (including the radian of the corner of the sink hole);

2. According to the drawings, determine the location of the sink center, with the template positioning or according to the hole size to draw a fine line; 

3. First hole in the corner with holes open holes, and then use the gongs machine along the hole line openings;

4. Milling the edge of the hole according to the drawing of the corresponding edge shape;

5. At the bottom edge of the sink hole evenly hit the glass glue, the sink is aligned to open a good hole in the sink, stick to reinforce the block, and strong AB glue, and other glue curing after sealing glue can;


6. In the milling flume hole edge shape and the installation of the sink, must distinguish the opposite side of the mesa;

7. If the sink is a basin, the Panel does not need to be dealt with in the process of factory processing;

8. If the stage basin to the on-site installation, according to the water Trough open hole template draw good line, first hole in the corner with holes open holes, and then with the gong machine along the hole open line;

9. Under the sink edge evenly hit the glass glue, alignment open a good sink hole installed, the excess glass glue clean, such as glue curing can


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