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cheap bathroom vanity cabinet only


1. The basin to choose


This is the first type of basin.This kind of set in the table below stage basin, so the size should pay special attention to, otherwise leave then the hole is too small will not be able to put it in.The price is relatively low in the three kinds of price, but the form is single.

The stage basin

It is set on the table a basin, the advantage is diverse styles, square circle.Basin height can also be in accordance with the personal needs freedom of choice.

Taichung basin

The design of the taichung basin is now a few years to launch, half in, half in the following, so that we can make the basin and mesa closer together.Design also is diverse, the price should also be relatively expensive.


2. The quality of a material and material

Sanitary bathroom cabinet with high quality waterproof board mostly as a base material and material production is completed, the two kinds of material quality, overall quality will be directly related to sanitary bathroom ark, so, at the time of choosing sanitary bathroom ark, to focus on these two kinds of materials.

Base material is the main part of the bathroom cabinet that defend bath, hide by the quilt cover material, it has concealment, can't see his face, but in the same class under the premise of surface material, choose the types of base material determines the quality and price of the cabinet, therefore we are more necessary to understand the characteristics of different base material.Bathroom ark chooses the wei yu that now on the market in the mainstream of the base material is waterproof board, wood fiber board is selected in the raw material after crushed into powder shape, after the special craft processing and become a kind of "rigidity" plate.The strength and density can be high, medium and low.Waterproof properties is good, is the first choice for high-grade sanitary bathroom cabinet material.

In addition to the base material quality, the merits of the surface material also determines the quality of sanitary bathroom ark eventually.Surface material can be roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fire prevention board, paint, glass, metal, and wood, etc., surface dew on the surface material is easier to identify the advantages and disadvantages, when the choice you just need to check the degree of convergent in airtight.


The collocation of color, style and other details.

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