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Choose Bathroom Sinks, Looking good or Practical?


Choose Bathroom Sinks, Looking good or Practical?

Two Basin types: Undermount Sinks and Drop In Sinks,this we all know? Do not know to see the following two goods.


Know the two types, you know which the most practical?


White Stone Basin,White Marble Basin

1 ordinary people, practical first

General family, consider the practicality of the words, or the stage pot is more practical; stage basin practicality than the audience basin, overflow water droplets can not be directly wiped into the sink.

2 which is nice?

General family, then the audience is more appropriate; if the beauty of the living environment have a certain pursuit, you can also consider the stage basin, after all, the stage pots more style, to meet the different visual requirements.

3 which is good at hygiene?

The edge of the sinks below the table, the water on the table can be easily wiped into the basin, do not worry about the full table are water; and the basin with health dead, clean up is not easy. Do not engage in health lazy people, or to carefully choose.

4 which is easy to install?

The stage pot installation process is more difficult, the construction of trouble; and the pots installed easily, disassembly and maintenance is also easy. But in general, as long as the quality is no problem, do not use too much time, the basic are not on the maintenance.

5 which is more durable?

The general stage of the basin if the installation did not deal with the good, glass glue will be exposed to the water, a long time to turn yellow and black, and the sink will be loose; but the basin of the load bearing force is relatively uniform, Focus on the edge, if the table material quality is poor, then there will be cracks, install the basin to pay attention to the weight of the countertops.

6 which is cheaper?

In general, the cost of the platform basin will be relatively cheap.

7 combined with their own choice!

Considering the height of the table, if the height of the table to install the pot on the basin, for the shorter people who use it is not convenient; if you have done the countertop of the counter, then we must carefully determine the height of their own truth.

8 save space

Understand the bathroom sinks to save the table space, the use of convenience table.

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