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Common cabinet style


1.One-inch cabinet

That is, all the electrical appliances and cabinets are placed along a wall, work in a straight line. This compact, effective narrow kitchen design, suitable for small family or at the same time only one person working in the kitchen housing. If you use this design in a large kitchen, it may cause too much distance between different functions. You can consider the use of double-row wall cabinet or increase the wall with high cabinet, to maximize the use of wall space.


2.L-shaped cabinet 

Do not look more than a corner, the use of this cabinet on the turn, give the kitchen life to add a lot of fun, to achieve a lot of new features. Is a practical kitchen design, is also the most common kitchen design, is the ideal choice for small space. In this way in the two sides connected to the wall between the work area, you can get the ideal working triangle. Stoves, sinks, disinfection cabinets and refrigerators, each workstations are left between the operating table, to prevent splashing and items too crowded.


3.U-shaped cabinet 

This is the most popular in foreign countries, the general requirements of a larger kitchen area. U-type cabinets in the use of the most practical, U-shaped cabinets to facilitate access to each item, can maximize the use of space for cooking and storage, the two can also be busy in the kitchen at the same time. But the U-shaped kitchen is only suitable for large living rooms. To avoid cross-set the operating surface, so that the two can work together at the same time, will not collide. Between the two rows of opposing cabinets should be kept at least 120cm spacing to ensure that there is enough space.

As long as the space allows, I think each master wants to have a U-shaped cabinet. In the kitchen, U-type cabinets have better

The practicality and aesthetics. Because it can change and varied, for the design of U-type cabinets will have a higher demand. In the design, U-type cabinets generally follow the following principles, U-shaped cabinets to create the first instance of the partition processing, the kitchen will be a different function ...

U-shaped cabinets, increase the storage function. Both in the cooking process to enjoy the interaction with the family, but also to catch up with the latest trend of the kitchen nowadays, is it impossible in our kitchen? Challenge space caused by the confusion, we will make a clever kitchen transformation, so that the kitchen everywhere intimate, become full of convenience and fun fun space.


4.Island cabinets

Cabinets Island Taiwan refers to the independent of the cabinet, the cabinet under the separate operating area. Cabinets are only suitable for open kitchen, in the modern decoration of its greatest role is as a kitchen and other space partition.

Island cabinets have more operating table and storage space, easy for many people at the same time work in the kitchen. If necessary, you can also install sink or oven / stove in kitchen island. Before making a decision, check to see if you can connect the pipe, the circuit and the ventilation pipe of the cupboard and the hood, and make sure that there is an operation table between the stove and the sink.


5.Two-shaped cabinets 

Also known as corridor-style kitchen is along the opposite side of the wall to establish two rows of work and storage area. If the preparation of food is the focus of the kitchen work, then this design is a major advantage. Corridor-style kitchen does not require a lot of space, the kitchen at the end of the door or window can be.

In the design should pay attention to two rows of opposing cabinets must be kept at least 120cm spacing to ensure that there is enough room to open the door. For narrow space, one side can choose the depth of 60cm cabinet, the other side of the depth of 35cm cabinet.

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