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How Install Bathroom Sink


How Install Bathroom Sink

Basin as one of the three major sanitary ware, in the bathroom can be described as low. And now with the requirements of the aesthetic requirements of the original higher, the basin shape is also more and more diverse, with its handsome in appearance, small footprint, decorative and other characteristics of many consumers by the favor. However, consumers in addition to pay attention to the style, quality, the installation is also a small skill.


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It is best to reserve socket near the basin. Even if the original design and then in place, it is inevitable omissions, so to remind the installation of the socket near the basin, so hair dryer, charging razor, and even small water heaters and other small household appliances charging problem can be easily solved. In addition, it is best to pre-look at the purchase of the basin body openings, if conditions should be avoided in the construction site and then open the hole. In general, the opening of the basin under the opening of the factory open better than the scene, the scene grinding time and the effect is not necessarily good. If you really need to open the hole, be sure to pay attention to the pre-hole position to ensure accurate.

    Many people think that the stage pot is more delicate than the stage basin, nice, and more convenient to clean. However, with the basin under the basin must pay attention to, because taking into account the thickness of the basin, the leader should be as long as possible in order to ensure the normal use. At the same time, the installation of the bathroom basin should also pay attention to a high degree of moderate, should meet the family's height requirements and habits.

 Finally, the installation should pay attention to the location of the water supply and drainage pipes, if the location is not proper, when it will be followed by a lot of tubes, both time-consuming and expensive. So, in the purchase of these products, if they do not understand, it is best to carefully ask, some looks very beautiful accessories, not necessarily able to install to their own homes, be sure to understand in advance

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