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how to build a bathroom cabinet with drawers


When installing a cabinet basin of water drainage, under the basin of water drainage and tank hole the contact surface to play on a bit of glass glue, and then install the water drainage, air can be used after half a day.Installation hanging bathroom cabinet, must choose main wall hanging.If the installation is floor of bathroom ark, when installing a cabinet feet as far as possible away from the lateral plate, make cabinet put oneself in another's force equilibrium.But when put depends on whether four cabinet feet flat.

In decorating a before installation must pay attention to the following:

(1) confirm the installation position of bathroom ark: in front of the tile and wall brick, good to confirm the installation position of bathroom ark, because the installation of bathroom ark is to punch in the wall, also need inlet opening and drain, once installed generally can't move, so sure the installation position of bathroom ark is the essential condition of before installation.

(2) when buying a bathroom ark according to the installation position to confirm the shape and size of bathroom ark: bathroom ark is determined, the position can only according to the installation position to decide the shape and size of bathroom ark.

(3) look for the pipe line chart and wiring circuit diagram: when installation to use air flushing drill holes in the wall, so before the installation is critical to confirm the line chart and circuit diagram, if break the plumbing or wiring circuit diagram to pry open part of the wall brick, cause needless loss.

(4) confirm the installation height of bathroom ark: bathroom ark commonly standard installation height is 80 ~ 85 cm, the calculated from the top of the floor tile to the sink, concrete installation height according to the height of the family members and even use habits to determine, but within the scope of the standard height is the most appropriate.

(5) each style bathroom cabinet fittings and installation is not the same, the punching size is the same type is endless also and same, but the installation process is the basic consistent.Wall hung bathroom ark installation method has little in common, the other is essentially the same.Wall hung the difference between the bathroom cabinet and floor bathroom ark is: after the good combination of ark of the Lord, to make sure good wall ark of the Lord of the height of the bolt, specific algorithm is: (80 ~ 85 cm) minus the standard installation size along the height of the bolt to the basin.

But basically the merchants would like the emperor sanitary ware company put up the installation will be in the bath ark packaging specifications, for customers to use.

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