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How to Buy a Bathroom Vanity


The bath vanity is typically the first thing you, or your visitors, notice in the bathroom.

Here are some tips for Buying a Bathroom Vanity:

1. Know how much space you have. Buying a bathroom vanity that is too big for the room is clearly a mistake, but also be conscious of buying a vanity that doesn't correctly fill the space. Of course, a small bathroom vanity in a large space can be used in your good turn to draw attention to the piece.


2. Define what you want. If your affordable bathroom vanity is going to be in your master bathroom, you will perhaps want a vanity with big storage and countertop space to make getting ready in the morning easier. If the bathroom will be used by overnight guests or your children, some storage is nice, but you probably will not need a lot. In a partial bath, where little storage is needed and many guests will be using it, forgoing storage space for style can be a decent option for you.


3. Choose a design. Choosing the design of your bathroom vanity can be fairly easy, because you probably wont have to match it to other sections of furniture. Bathrooms are somewhat divided from the rest of the home, so you can swerve from bathroom styles that are existent in the rest of the home. It may be your chance to try for a modern design, even if the rest of your home has traditional design.


4. Large selections. Your options are almost limitless. Do you want a double sink bathroom vanity to make getting ready in the morning easier? Vessel sinks vanity are striking but can be less functional, so consider them for guest bathrooms. Bathroom Vanities also have a wide range of storage options and bath faucet styles.


5. Select your materials. Most bathroom Vanity cabinets made from wood, and the finishes have a wide variety of colors. Espresso bathroom cabinets offer a unique look while also being naturally friendly. Vanity countertops are typically made of some type of stone, granite and marble being the most common, but several modern bathroom vanities use glass tops.

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