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How to buy-faucet


Tap water "conductor", the most frequently used, faucets come in all different shapes and sizes. Here are factors to consider when you choose the tap:

Material: whether or not to use chrome-plated copper. Get rid of the shortcomings of traditional faucets rust caused by long-term flooding.

Spool: tap the "heart", which determines the life of the tap and water effects. Best ceramic valve core. Ceramic valve core by two very smooth grinding of ceramic plates relative rotation, changes in area between two control hot and cold water flow, adjust the temperature of the water. This type of valve no water pollution and better flow control, water-saving effects.

Outlet filter: tap water outlet are equipped with damping screen cover, good tap water has a double layer filters, so that the water smoothly, without splash, and accompanied by bubbles, water 30% for consumers to fully appreciate the water fun.

Surface treatment: chrome plating can sustain without special maintenance. Good mixer has 3 layer plating, coating evenly bright without spots, mirror effect, without peeling.

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