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How to choose a vanity sink?


There are three main different styles of vanity sinks. Learn the difference among them and choose a perfect one for your vanity. 


1.     Top-mount sink

Top-mount sink or also called vessel sink is one of the most commonly used sink which is designed to sit on top of the counter.

Pros: Top-mount sinks are suitable for many countertop materials, such as stone, wood and laminate. The cutout is completely covered by the sink and the installation is very easy.

Con: You can’t wipe water and spills straight from the counter into the sink.

Bathroom Square Porcelain Vessel Sinks White.jpg

2.     Undermount sink

Undermount sink is probably the most commonly used sink. The whole sink sits below the counter. The rim is not visible as it attaches to the bottom of the counter.


Pros: The undermount installation creates a seamless and clean look. Water and spills can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink. 

Cons: Undermounting a sink will usually only be possible with a solid-surface countertop, such as stone, and isn’t suitable with a wood countertop.

Bathroom Ceramic Sink Oval Lavatory Sink.jpg 

3.     Drop-in sink 

Drop-in sinks, the most familiar type and still the most popular, are also called self-rimming sinks.

Pros: With drop-in sinks, all working areas of the sink are visible and accessible, so it is easy for you to clean the sink. And it easy to install it by yourself as long as a cut-out in the counter is already in place.

Cons: It may not easy for you to clean the countertop with a drop-in sink compare to undermount sink as drop-in sinks' rims are too high to allow this.  

Drop-In Oval Porcelain Bathroom Sinks - White.jpg

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