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how to clean wood bathroom vanity


1. Just got over the bathroom ark, do be careful handling, ceramic bowl is fragile, gently lift, not hard, put the bathroom ark, should also be flat on the ground, if be born ark, should put the floor MATS.

2. Can't put the bathroom ark in the hot sun exposure, it is best can put in ventilated place, also can't put a very dry place.

3. If you don't mind your smoking in the bathroom burned the paint, to go take a toothpick, wrapped a layer of cloth again, slowly brush burn mark, you can also get some thin vinegar, can be removed.

4. If you got some white in the bathroom ark very hot mark, can try with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene, try to get on the cloth to wipe

5. If there is a stain marks, wet cloth, and cover the bathroom ark, can use steam iron in wet cloth, stains mark can disappear immediately

6. If the bathroom ark paint accidentally scratch, no harm to the cabinet put oneself in another's position, then you can use the same color crayon or paint, daub on the surface of bathroom ark cabinet repair, then you can use some nail polish on it.

7. Need from time to time for the bathroom cabinet with a cloth to wipe the dust off and remember to fantasy cleaner on the cloth.

8. Often waxing, even every six months or so, wax for bathroom cabinet

9. Bathroom ark of daily cleaning is very simple, ceramic basin can be rinsed with water and detergent, soap and water, etc

10. Bathroom ark if ceramic POTS a scratch, can in some toothpaste, reoccupy cloth erased repeatedly, then hit waxing, can make the bathroom ark to restore the original appearance.

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