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How to Maintain The Bathroom Cabinet


How to Maintain The Bathroom Cabinet


  1. Today, bathroom cabinets are not difficult to find in more and more families, and often because of moisture and steam deal, so the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet is very important today, let the East still sunshine to introduce a small bathroom cabinet Trick it
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2. After using the bathroom, you should promptly dry the surface of the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom cabinet often visit the soap, shower gel, shampoo and other cleaning products if you do not care flow in the bathroom cabinet should be cleaned as soon as possible, heavier weight items should be placed The bottom of the bathroom cabinet. Do not use a wire with a brush or scouring pad wipe the cabinet, more can not use strong chemicals scrub.

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3. Bathroom cabinet should pay close attention to the installation of water pipes in the series, and the need for regular inspection to avoid the phenomenon of leakage. Bathroom cabinet paint if damaged, but not hurt the wood can be used in the same color crayon or paint repair, and then coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish can be.


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