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how to make wood storage cabinets


Selection method

1. To see the grade.Class is divided into high-grade, middle-grade and gears.High-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance material for a single tree species, and the same texture.Coating color bright, mu wen norm, surface polishing, bright as a mirror.Middle-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance materials require similar texture, texture, color close symmetrical components.Color coating color is bright, grain clarity, face coating to polishing, side surface coating for the original light (i.e., no polishing).General archives material quality of a material is solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance, color, color coating color uniform basic, allowing a slight grain fuzzy, coating surface for the light.

2. The colour and lustre.To general observation, solid wood bathroom ark overall color, such as composition, suit furniture must first to see if the surface color coordination, color is consistent, paint film is full, clean, and so on.

3. Look at the quality.Each part of the solid wood bathroom ark of material to be reasonable, the structure parts not decayed, knots, splitting, adornment material does have glue, bubbling, warping processing defects, such as decorative pattern should be symmetrical and beautiful.Whether size rule, components face whether level off, vertical.All metal parts are pass moistureproof processing stainless steel or bath ark with aluminum products, so that the moisture erosion resistance is strong.

Matters needing attention

1.Surface: The stand should pay attention to beautiful, easy do, seepage control, solid, durable a few big characteristics.

2. See material pledge: choice is not easy to deformation, woodiness is hard, natural texture, durable material, more common on the market for solid wood bathroom ark.

3. Look at the paint: health, environmental protection, full, if brightness is new, aging resistance is very important.

Paint surface should be with high solid content and low viscosity properties, the fullness of the paint film is high, feel is smooth, color pure, anti-aging, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistant, water resistant, not cracked, light show richly, matte more soft.

4. Structure: beautiful and practical, temperament, taste, human nature is very important.

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