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How to Match The Bathroom Vanities


How to Match The Bathroom Vanities

To buy solid wood bathroom cabinet customers need to know how to match, so buy yourself also feel at ease, but also like. So, what is the specific way with it?

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72 Vanity Base,Vanity With Shelves

Bathroom vannity suits has a good combination with the model

   First, the color and match: Bathroom cabinet color is a variety of, in recent years, the color of the bathroom is still the mainstream. Pure white bath cabinet to create a bathroom with elegant and clean, bright and pleasant, revealing the comfort and calm, the whole tone and ceramic basin white combination seamless. Elegant colors are like living in a quiet world, after the numerous life, into the space that can enjoy the natural fresh, and instantly all the trouble no, leisurely. In addition, the choice of translucent mirror, but also bring a cool feeling.

   Second, the style of choice: solid wood bathroom cabinet mainly avant-garde playing cool, nostalgic classical, natural fresh and modern four classic style. Avant-garde playing cool bathroom cabinet is a simple design style, the use of the color is more bold, many young people of all ages. Nostalgic classical bath cabinet with a Chinese classical art beauty, the best with the anti-corrosion floor and decorated with a bathroom, more coordinated. Natural fresh bath cabinet is one of the mainstream of fashionable bathroom cabinet, fresh and clean white to the bathroom as the rain after the forest generally has a fresh air. Modernist classical bathroom cabinet is in the classical charm into the modern elements, it is not the wood color painted antique furniture color, but the use of dark wood material, such as walnut; its lines simple and smooth, rather than the European classical faction The complexity of the curve. In the accessories, it abandoned the European classical style and exaggeration, and stressed the most basic storage capacity of the bathroom cabinet.

    We all learned what, with solid wood bathroom vanity with the skills.

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