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how to organize bathroom vanity drawers


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Solid wood bathroom ark original face is a piece of plate.Workshop teacher will first put a piece of plate cutting into various shapes, industry term called "cutting", the first step is.The first process, walk the one step is very critical, plate quality directly affects the service life of the product length.


Buy bath cabinet, first to see material, good quality solid wood cabinet are cut by a single piece of sheet, is no scraps from the patchwork.Domestic high quality material, now required oak furniture production mostly imported from abroad, so the oak furniture general price is not low.




Cutting, polishing, assembling these all belong to the first most of the production process, then it began the second most of the production process.Cabinet put oneself in another's brush bottom oil is to grind the teacher over there for a new round of polishing, polishing finish will once again brush bottom oil, oil brush bottom go to grinding, and then on the putty.


And brush bottom oil, polished, repair, in the end as shown in the figure below, the plank smooth level off, uniform thickness, with a better spray painting process.Consumers may be worried about the bathroom damp at ordinary times, solid wood bathroom ark will easy be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape.Workshop return that bathroom ark to resistant to moisture, bathroom paint coating to do kung fu, European sanitary bathroom cabinet plate surface after 7 layers of paint grinding processing, thus produce bathroom ark can effectively resist the erosion of moisture.


Make a series of preparation, semi-finished products bathroom ark spray-paint room.The paint is in accordance with the proportion is configured to spray evenly, full color.



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