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How to shop-bath


Material: bathtubs are made of acrylic, steel, cast iron, three.

Cast iron cylinder is very heavy, durable, long life, but difficult and expensive. Steel bathtub, with strong, wear-resistant, smooth high, smooth, glazed bright merit; price is relatively lower than that of cast iron cylinder.

Considering the acrylic bathtub along with technical and environmental protection will be the mainstream. Acrylic cylinder that is used after 3-5mm vacuum film forming acrylic Board, multilayer made of glass fiber reinforced plastics in the back, model specifications and diverse, bright, affordable, it features more insulating material, smooth surface easy to clean wastewater.

Drain valve: the drain valve is equipped with. This part is easy to ignore is the most problematic. When buying bathtubs must connect to the drain valve fitting, operation times, check that the switch is sensitive and reliable materials preferably copper or PVC material.

Non-slip surface: bottom of bathtub shall have a non-slip surface, to ensure your security.

Style: design consideration is whether matching and other bathroom equipment purchase.

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