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PVC Bathroom Cabinet Better Than Wood Bathroom Vanity?


PVC Bathroom Cabinet Better Than Wood Bathroom Vanity?

First we have to know what is the PVC bathroom vanity. PVC bathroom vanity is made of PVC material, feels a little cold feeling, and the color is cool colors. The solid wood bathroom vanity hand dish is part of the artificial stone, the surface smooth and smooth, the following is the use of rubber wood, do not absorb water, so the waterproof effect is very good. And no taste.

White Bathroom Vanity.jpg

White Bathroom Vanity 30 Inch,Natural Wood Bathroom Vanity

There are two kinds of bathroom vannities are not absorbent, so placed inside the bathroom are more practical. But the PVC does not absorb water performance is better, that is, when the beginning will have some taste, and solid wood bathroom vanity is relatively light, there will be no smell.

Both of the benefits and disadvantages have, because the use of different materials, leading to the advantages and disadvantages are not the same.

Another point, PVC bathroom vanity than the benefits of Natural Wood Bathroom Vanity also have a lot, do not just see his shortcomings, should be more reference to the views of the owner.

Here we hope that we can buy the bathroom cabinet.

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