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What are the common materials for the bathroom cabinet?


What are the common materials for the bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinet according to the material is not divided into shavings bathroom cabinet, MDF bathroom cabinet, solid wood bathroom cabinet, stainless steel bathroom cabinet, PVC bathroom cabinet, artificial stone bathroom cabinet and so on. The following detailed analysis of these raw materials under the bathroom cabinet which is good or bad.

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1, particleboard
 Particleboard is made of wood or other lignocellulosic material made of scrap, after the application of adhesive in the heat and pressure under the action of the plastic composition of the artificial board, also known as particle board. Low cost, high water absorption, poor waterproof function.

  2, MDF
 MDF is a MDF which is also a long fiber board and short fiber board. To wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, by breaking, fiber separation, after drying urea urea resin or other suitable adhesive, and then made by hot pressing an artificial plate. The density is usually in the range of 0.5 to 0.8 g / cm3 and the thickness is usually from 5 to 30 mm. Processing convenience, but the adhesive containing harmful substances, waterproof function is relatively ideal.


3, solid wood board
 Solid wood bathroom cabinet is distilled with solid wood as the substrate, processed by N-channel waterproofing technology, its characteristics are natural, simple, environmentally friendly, elegant, beautiful appearance, clear lines, less scar Glossy, smooth surface, solid wood, cabinet body robust, seepage expansion is low, no deformation feels smooth, leaks natural and initial beauty, can fully reflect the owner's home level and identity of the dignity. Through a multi-channel waterproofing process and paint technology after the excellent waterproof function. The bathroom cabinet in the market is usually made of Malaysian or Thai oak, with high density, strong texture, moderate water content, clear lines, less scarring, color Yan Run, with easy to change, not easy insects, easy to decay, low formaldehyde emission First grade features.


4, stainless steel
 Commonly used are 201 #, 202 #, 304 #, mainly environmental protection, moisture, mildew, rust, water and other characteristics; it is very good in the waterproof and moisture-proof, but because the hardness of stainless steel as long as 2MM, so made the bathroom Cabinet looks very thin, no solid wood bathroom cabinet that kind of heavy feeling, useful function is far less than solid wood bathroom cabinet; in terms of color, stainless steel bathroom cabinet as long as the cold silver, even if the stainless steel can be imitation wood color and lines, But its role is far from the unique natural beauty of solid wood, and imitation of the color with a long time will be fades; stainless steel bathroom cabinet on the market generally use 304 stainless steel, but many are used in the stainless steel material as 304 stainless steel 

 5, PVC
 Made of PVC material made of bathroom cabinet its rich color colorful, diverse styles, fashionable trendy avant-garde, is the main friend of the young, but the PVC material is very simple fade, but the faded PVC bathroom cabinet in the appearance of greatly reduced, as well as One of the main is the simple deformation of the PVC bathroom cabinet.


6, artificial stone
 Artificial stone is made of non-natural mixture. Such as resin, calcium carbonate, cement adhesives and so on. Artificial stone is the general name of artificial marble and artificial agate. Is filled with unsaturated polyester resin and filler, pigment mixture, adding a small number of agents, made by the necessary processing procedures. In the production process with a different color can be made with a colorful, luster, such as jade, like natural marble products.
 The above is the bathroom cabinet cabinet commonly used materials, if the style must be good and bad, then, is undoubtedly the best solid wood bathroom cabinet


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