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What determines the overall quality of the bathroom cabinet except for slabs?


    Manufacturing methods of 99% bathroom cabinet are similar, nothing more than board cutting, trepanning, assembling, polishing, painting, and packaging. But why the spread of similar style bathroom cabinets with the same board can be as high as several thousand RMB? What is the difference between them?

Different thickness

      The same plate with different thickness, will result in larger spreads. Calculated according to Cubic plates, high-end product has thickness of 20mm, low-end product has thickness of 15mm, so that the price may differ by a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

Cutting corners

      If you encounter a bathroom cabinet using better solid wood, but the price is lower than the market, then we should pay attention that this bathroom cabinet may only use solid wood in doors and frames, but the back, side panels, mirror frames and other places are Is the use of poor quality boards.

Differences in accessories

      Bathroom cabinet is not only a cabinet, it is a complex of main cabinet, bath mirror, basin, faucet and other components. If the main cabinet is similar in all respects, but the price spread is large, the general problem may lies in these bathroom accessories.

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