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What is Bathroom Vanity


With the attention between bathroom, all sorts of beautiful and exquisite Bathroom Vanity Cabinet gradually attract people's view.

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    Which in addition to its classify receive a function to make the space that defend bath orderly, more and more colour and design is the reason to become the visual window between bathroon.

  • The material classification

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    The surface of Bathroom Vanity is divided into: natural stone, man-made stone, fire prevention board, lacquer, glass, metal and solid wood etc.

  • Base material is the main body of Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, it is concealed by the surface material.

  • Bathroom Vanity Cabinet on the market chooses in the mainstream of the base material is waterproof board, this is a select wood raw material after crushed into powder, after the special craft processing and become a "rigid" plate.

  • Waterproof performance is superior to common fiberboard, it is the first choice of high-grade Blue Bathroom Vanity.

  • At the same time, because bathroom is relatively humid in daily household space, consumers in the choose and buy Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, not only for its beautiful look and feel interested, note also know that it is all the material of metal parts, try to choose after moistureproof processing of stainless steel or special aluminum Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, so that the moisture resistant performance is guaranteed.

  • For a growing number of hardware used to bathroom, the personage inside course of study suggested, based on the damp environment between bathroom will directly affects its service life, the hardware when the choose and buy must abide by the rules.

  • Don't blind to look on the hardware design, the choose and buy but preferred to consider its style and bathroom three-piece suit the style of bath crock, closestool, vanity sink, also had better to coincide with the modelling and its surface coating treatment of faucet.

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