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What is Oak bathroom cabinet


What is Oak bathroom cabinet

High density of oak, hard texture, is a hardwood, made of oak furniture has dignified and dignified and noble features. Oak bathroom cabinet has a good texture, finished product structure firm, long life, and high grade, very suitable for the production of European-style furniture.


The texture of the oak to Malaysia or Thailand as well, it is suitable for the growth of oak, the product after processing, not easy to deformation, low burst, no insects, and better waterproof performance; in terms of environmental protection, not on The human body causes harm, because the oak itself is low in formaldehyde emission material.


Oak bathroom cabinet can be seen before the processing of a distinctive mountain-like grain, and touch the appearance of a good texture; and excellent toughness, according to the needs of processing into a variety of curved, quite aesthetic. Oak bathroom cabinet texture is solid, strong structure, the use of long life, in many ancient doors and windows of the grid is also used in manufacturing; oak bathroom cabinet high level, suitable with European furniture, Chinese classical furniture, was thick, a mahogany furniture, dignified Calm, but the price is lower than the mahogany bathroom cabinet.

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