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what is storage cabinet


1.High-grade:  The general material high-grade solid wood bathroom ark is exquisite, is the quality of the same kind of tree species, and the texture of the tree must be the same symmetry.Made the bathroom ark of surface coating color is very bright, wood texture is clear, counter fully polished, smooth and bright, like a mirror.


2. Intermediate: require lower relatively, the middle-grade solid wood bathroom ark, materials required texture almost similar, texture and color is ok, don't have to the same tree species.To counter color is more bright, wood texture is clear, look from the front for polishing, coating does not require the side.


3. Low: low solid wood bathroom ark material requirement is very low, generally color close, woodiness is almost ok, texture, generally does not require, no polishing surface, all of them are the original light, therefore less on colour and lustre bright-coloured, brightness is not very high.


4. See a problem to overall understanding first, and then go to see the details, the choice of bathroom ark, too.When selected, you first overall a lot about the entire surface of the bathroom ark color coordination, color consistency, also note the coating plumpness and clean degree.


5. Note that all parts material is uniform, cannot appear similar decay, cracks and other defects, the phenomenon such as adornment material does have any glue, decorative pattern is symmetric and beautiful.


6. The size is normal, whether all parts whether level off vertically, are the factors to consider.









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