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What is the bathroom furniture cabinet


The so-called overall bathroom cabinet, refers to the non-decoration team to build the scene, but by the bathroom brand combined basin, faucet, the overall design of the mirror made of toilet furniture.



1. The overall bathroom cabinet in a sense is clearly beyond the traditional bathroom cabinet, her integrated characteristics of the bathroom space will be integrated into each part, enjoyable, pleasing to the eye, Yueqing.

2. The overall bathroom cabinet as a whole is mainly its molded chassis is the whole, with waterproof and leak-proof function.

3. The overall cost of the bathroom cabinet can be a large number of replicating features to make it used for aircraft and high-end hotel decoration, this advanced process to replace the traditional Mudao porcelain tile to do the way the bathroom. This industrial production is the future direction of the development of the bathroom, as if more than a decade ago, the same as the whole cabinet. Industrialization to replace the manual paste system is the inevitable social progress.

4. The overall bathroom cabinet in a limited space to achieve basin, faucet, mirrors, etc. into a whole environment, all the ancillary products are a unit supply, which is the overall aspects of the bathroom, user-friendly future maintain.

5. The bathroom fittings of the overall bathroom cabinet are free of dead and easy to clean. Overall, save time and save, reasonable structure, excellent material and so on.

6. Storage neatly, bathroom, home is the most dirty place, like shower gel, shampoo and other washing supplies, if not often finishing it will easily appear dirty. The overall bathroom cabinet is the washbasin and other furniture into one, not only can put some small life supplies, you can also bathroom water pipes and wires hidden, so that the bathroom looks clean and tidy.

7. The overall effect is good, compared with the traditional bathroom cabinet, the overall bathroom cabinet materials more high-end, more compact layout, design and more attention to the overall, of course, the price is not cheap. In many families, we can see the effect of the whole bathroom, whether in color with, or the use of space, the overall bathroom cabinet are designed by the designer carefully, a reasonable layout, exquisite overall bathroom cabinet Show in front of consumers. The overall bathroom cabinet not only looks beautiful, but also easy to install.


1. All kinds of sanitary products positioning, style must be consistent, in line with market demand, otherwise it will lead to nondescript, the shape of the situation often appear;

2. Production is the key, the overall bathroom cabinet production line, the operation of complex, quality control is the key, enterprises should set up a special quality inspection departments, products, especially OEM products Cengcengbaguan, quality and quantity;

3. The overall range of bathroom cabinet products, need to set up a clear division of the single team to ensure that products on schedule delivery;

4. expensive, many ancillary products need other enterprises OEM, the amount is not high and can not form economies of scale, coupled with product design, logistics and distribution costs caused by the increase in the overall price of the bathroom cabinet is also difficult 'civilians' The

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