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what size mirror for 48 in vanity


In addition to some of the bathroom ark on the market, we also can consider to customize the bathroom ark, customize the benefits of bathroom ark is that it can tailor the ark of the Lord, according to the size of the space that defend bath lens ark, side cabinet.Is not only the size can be customized, design grid let host choice, material also can choose by owner, big to plate, stone material, small to bibcock, handle, plastic chain, can choose according to master interest acceptable materials customized production and installation, the master mind of bathroom ark can implement in your own space that defend bath, want to have for their wonderful bathroom ark, custom of bathroom ark is you don't choose.


The standard size of bathroom ark is the most common is long (generally), including hanging cabinet is 800 mm to 1000 mm, width (wall is apart from) as follows: 450 mm to 500 mm.Due to the size of the bathroom basic about the same, for large bathroom ark and ultra small bathroom ark are rare in the market.Bathroom ark besides common standard size, length and 1200 mm, generally European size bigger and Jane the bathroom ark, because most with edge ark, up to 1600 mm.Lens ark generally installed in the main center position, each side indentation 50 mm to 100 mm, height of about 250 mm.

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