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what style is shaker door style cabinet


1. Stick wood kind of bathroom ark:

With real wood or fiberboard as base material, use wood skin after whole paste, brush with waterproof paint.MDF is after wood raw material grinding into powder, the processing of a kind of man-made plank.

Advantages: natural, real wood kind of bathroom ark relatively low price.

Disadvantages: due to the different base material with real wood pedal wood, because of the influence of paste technology and material of uf cracking phenomenon, appear easily affect the waterproof effect.


2. Ceramic bathroom cabinet:

Directly according to mold firing of ceramic body for cabinet put oneself in another's position, mesa is ceramic.

Advantages: easy to do, can fully reflect master clean and lively rhythm.

Disadvantages: ceramic is fragile goods, if you have heavy touch attack, is easy to damage.


3. PVC bathroom cabinet:

In PVC blister panel, after vacuum hot pressing adsorption on density board or moistureproof board, moistureproof board for curing, moistureproof particles after blister sheet can be sucked into an organic whole, need not sealing side, have excellent moistureproof and waterproof performance.

Advantage: rich colors, high temperature resistance, anti score, easy to clean.

The bad: chemical corrosion resistance is not high.


4. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet:

Is made of high quality material such as stainless steel plate after several procedure.

Advantages: good stainless steel bathroom ark waterproof properties is good, durable, environmental protection, moisture, mildew, rust, diverse styles, chic design.

Disadvantages: restricted by material, cabinet put oneself in another's thin and practicality is not strong.At the same time easy to leave traces of soap, shampoo, stainless steel easy to darken, lose their original luster.


5. Advanced oak bathroom cabinet:

Oak as the main base material, USES the waterproof environmental protection spray paint processing, relative to other man-made plank, solid wood cabinet formaldehyde release a quantity to lower, natural environmental protection, and more sturdy.

Advantage: the healthy environmental protection, natural stable, upscale and elegant.

Disadvantages: expensive


6. Solid wood bathroom cabinet:

With real wood as the main material.

Advantages: solid wood feel mild, feeling the grade is better, can be moistureproof.The characteristics of solid wood bathroom ark of natural, environmental protection, reveal the beauty of the natural and original.Is natural, and no chemical pollution also has the very high ornamental value and plasticity, can be determined according to the different needs of consumers and, this is really a healthy fashion choices, very accord with the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs.

Faults: solid wood lumber stability depends on the change of moisture content, solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and to change the moisture content of factory, the change of moisture content can lead to out of shape, craze.In addition, when making main load bearing parts, if made into sheet, such as side panel, framework, easy to distort.


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