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where can i buy vanity doors


In the field of bathroom ark, the existing two major categories: wooden usually only neo-classical European and Chinese style 

new classic and country rural three styles, and contemporary feeling poor;Metal cabinet

 modern strong enough, but on the new classical and country the expressive force of 

rural style is obviously insufficient.Look from the function, wooden waterproof, 

moistureproof, mouldproof, prevent bacteria, insects, such as poor performance, use for

 a long time is easy to crack, deformation;Existing metal cabinet, such as stainless steel 

tank of waterproof, mouldproof, corrosion resistant bacteria, insect sex is good, but give 

a person a kind of cool feeling.The general view is: wood cabinet more upscale, but is

 not waterproof, moisture-proof;Metal cabinets waterproof, moistureproof performance is 

good, but the grade level is not high.While on the style, are incomplete.In two categories 

are fatal deficiencies of the existing situation, the market calls for a revolutionary new


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