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white bathroom vanity 24


Today is no longer simply a bath space between wei yu, and gradually become people to enjoy the life, place that makes body and mind gets be relaxationed thoroughly, so has a variety of functions between wei yu is a trend of contemporary design.

Bathroom ark is not as there is a consistent pattern of hutch ark, you can be anywhere in the bathroom to build all kinds of style of bath ark;It can be a horn ark, arc ark or box ark, also can be in the bar the door ark or detachable spell combined bath ark.But they must correspond with the overall design of the bathroom, no matter from the material colour to shape size should be coordinated with other facilities, otherwise it will give a person the feeling of gild the lily.

You can according to the different designed different specifications of the bathroom area of bath ark, the traditional bathroom space is small, you can choose with the single combination of mirror cabinet or hanging type ambry applies to the corner, the other below the edge of the mirror, embedded on small dado, etc., does not affect the original space, and don't have to change the basic equipment, makes the small bathroom have elaborate practical receive equipment.Nowadays in the market popular seven yugui, designed specifically for small space toilet, so to speak.These seven bath ark bring us different visual and use comfortable enjoy.

1. Walking around

Bathroom cabinet with wheels

Wheeled bath ark looks more like a study or the furniture in the bedroom, the mobility of flexible and convenient user use it in any place between wei yu.Pure wooden dark, a full range of bath ark to make here is more like a concise and comfortable living room.

2. Hanging

Wall-mountable bathroom ark

Mainly depend on a wall and hang, both part of the open mode, put the commonly used objects, have closed the drawer again, can put things easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, small and practical.

3. The rotary

The whole bath ark is composed of glass and steel, concise and clear, curved glass to open the door, let the catharsis things at home are like goods show honor.Ark cover an area of small, around the center shaft can be 180 degrees of rotation, the top and dome light irradiation, aesthetic and practical consideration.

4. The rotary

The mirrors, condole ark, washstand, lighting, and the ark of the bust of storage, high body ark, etc, on the basis of different sizes, natural object partition.

5. The outseam type

This is one of the popular now bath ark, generally choose to hang a wall, the metal feet, this design can directly and effectively isolate the ground moisture to the cabinet put oneself in another's position.

6. Small type

Suitable for single master and rent apartments, its style is concise, cover an area of an area small, easy to do, store content, wash gargle, lighting function is from soup to nuts.

7. Adjustable

Equipped with adjustable leg, under the cabinet put oneself in another's position adjustment knob design, free to easily adjust the height of supporting feet, no matter where, can guarantee the balance of the washstand.

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