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China Sanitary Ware Industry New Trends In The Development Of The Green And Easy Keyword

Trend of hot spot: wastewater utilization

In addition to more direct water-saving bathroom products, we also saw a new trends from the show, many bathroom brands began to launch design no dead, better cleaning products, as well as small "basin toilet integrated" ware, the implementation of these products can not only significantly reduce the toilet "water" efficiency can turn "waste water" active ageing.

Market status: Green bathroom alone lack of wastewater treatment products

Real estate focus currently on the market can meet the size, no seams, no dead ends, easy to clean, a characteristic of sanitary ware products are not hard to find, many brand even regarded it as a "promotional selling point."

Instead, bathroom products relating to rational utilization of waste water has become a blind spot in the market, able to wash your hands, wash your face, washing dishes and other ware for daily water focused on recycling, unable to buy on the market. It is understood that some brands on display at the show we saw small "basin toilet integrated" ware, just business "good plans", it is hard to buy in the near future. When you visit, which lead to buy the deer and the cauldron, must be installed on the load-bearing walls, internal piping layout complexity and cost up to tens of thousands of Yuan, is the main cause of such products into the market difficult.

Trends hot II: safety and convenience

When the ageing problem is becoming more serious, and Smart businesses gradually began to step into this area, sanitary ware industry is this year the "bathroom". Not too much complicated buttons, no modern authorities and lengthy instructions, design of angularity and harshness will not cause you to be injured. Details such as location, function and barrier-free from the start, people of different ages can be conveniently to use bathrooms network Super, this is a very good thing.

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